26.10.2018 – Freddy Nock tests the special construction under a hot-air balloon.

    26.10.2018 – Uerkheim. In yesterday’s test run of his latest world record attempt, Freddy Nock invited some press representatives to take part in this test.

    Next year, Freddy Nock wants to balance at a height of about 5,000m with a special construction suspended under a hot-air balloon.
    He wants to cross the 16-meter-long traverse balancing on a pipe about 4 cm thick. Also with a bamboo bike and totally blind.

    To test the behavior of the construction in connection with the hot air balloon, yesterday was the hot air balloon with Hampi Arnold as an experienced pilot, in a meadow
    inflated in Uerkheim and the special construction attached to ropes on the balloon cover.

    In order to be able to carry out the test at a low altitude of approx. 5-6 meters, the hot-air balloon was attached to the trailer hitch of 2 cars with ropes.
    The hot-air balloon is so „tied up“ while stationary, however, sudden wind gusts could exert enormous force on the balloon as well as on the fortifications.
    Best prerequisites for this is calm.

    Freddy Nock was able to test his construction by balancing with a balancing pole, as well as with the biking bike from drehmoment-bikes.
    The construction proved to be absolutely suitable for this world record attempt. The world record attempt is technically nothing in the way.

    Towards the end of the demonstration, a strong gust of wind suddenly came on, which acted on the balloon. Due to the enormous pressure, a rope tore at a car
    was attached and the hot air balloon then rose quickly. Since the balloon was still attached to a second rope, he did not get on. By the rising balloon
    the second car was raised shortly. Thanks to the experienced pilot Hampi Arnold, the balloon was quickly brought back on track.
    Freddy Nock responded with an air of thought and stuck to the construction. Shortly thereafter, the hot air balloon could be landed gently.

    As it turned out after the rope was checked, there was a knot in it. Through this node, the tensile strength of the rope has been halved and stopped due to the forces of the gust of wind no longer stood and tore.

    This incident can only happen if a hot-air balloon is held on the ground. Does the hot air balloon fly freely in the air, such tensile forces no longer exist, because the balloon is part of the air and is moving in the wind.

    The special construction has passed the test.

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