September 2015, Freddy Nock visited CCTV (China) on ‚Impossible Challenge‘ in August this year

The Chinese edition of the well-known show „Wetten dass“. Freddy was invited to set a new record on the high wire in the TV show.
But how did it happen?

In preparation for Freddy’s GUINNESS record run in March of this year in the mountains of the Engadine near Diavolezza, the Chinese TV station CCTV became aware of his plans. CCTV found his project high up in the Swiss mountains so exciting that the record run sent its own TV team to Switzerland, which accompanied Freddy in the preparations and the record run.

The result is a stunning documentary, which was shown on CCTV. Already during the filming, the Chinese were so impressed by Freddy Nock’s performances on the rope that they invited him to the show ‚Impossible Challenge‘ in China.

In preparation for the TV show, Freddy Nock was asked if he would be interested in outbidding on the TV show the record so far held by the Chinese Aisikaier Wubulikaisimu on the steepest run on a tightrope. Freddy’s ambition was packed and he agreed.

The record

The point was that Freddy should overcome a 40-meter stretch on the rope as steeply as possible. The previous record was 36 ° slope, which corresponds to a slope of about 70%. This had to be overcome.

Freddy told the channel CCTV to build a rope construct in the studio with a gradient of 38 ° = 78%. If he can do that, it would be a new GUINNESS record and then the 20th record in Freddy Nock’s books.
The broadcast

The ‚Impossible Challenge‘ show, in which people try to set very special records, is being persecuted in China by millions of people. So the TV station first showed a detailed review of Freddy’s sensational record run by the Diavolezza in March 2015.

Afterwards, his son LEO was allowed to show on a small balancing piece that the apple does not fall far from the stem and that he already has a special balance, similar to Freddy himself at this age.

Now it went to the record attempt in the outdoor area of ​​the TV studio. The transmitter built a 28-meter-high construct to be able to stretch the rope with a length of 40 m steeply with a gradient of 78%.


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