Freddy Nock’s GUINNESS WORLD RECORD High-wire run in the Upper Engadin Alps in Switzerland.

Lots of movie and picture material

Freddy Nock’s GUINNESS WORLD RECORD high-wire run in the Upper Engadine Alps on 20/03/2015 in the most amazing weather was not only absolutely unique, since Freddy had been planning and working on this record event since 2011. It was also unique to our film crew and our photographer because they put together a lot of film and visual material. So it took us some days to select a video clip and the best pictures.

One or the other, it may have been noticed, in addition to the German TV channel Pro7 and the Chinese TV channel CCTV had secured in advance the television rights to the record run by Freddy Nock. That’s how a 6-member TV team from China came up with an extensive reportage and contribution to the world record run by Freddy Nock for the very popular GUINNESS show in China.

Pro7 came to Switzerland with his own team from the show „Galileo“ and accompanied Freddy Nock during the training as well as during and after the run with the camera. The broadcast in Pro7 is scheduled for April.

Of course, looking back on the spectacular event, we would like to take this opportunity to present a 6-minute video and numerous pictures for Freddy Nock’s fans, friends and partners.

Video of Freddy Nock’s world record run

Please put the video on full screen and HD to enjoy the unique pictures!

In the video it is very clearly visible that Freddy Nock had installed ONLY 3 guy wires on the 347 m long cable track. This means that Freddy Nock balanced about 100 m WITHOUT any bracing, which provides more grip in the rope.

Many thanks to the team of who filmed the run from 3 positions (start, finish and helicopter). Samcam has been a leading provider of aerial photography in the Alps for over 10 years. Samcam has received several international awards for her pictures. Incidentally, samcam filmed from the helicopter with an in-house Cineflex special camera, of which only a few are actually in use. Cineflex is currently the most advanced gyrostabilized camera system for HD aerial photography.
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