Swiss high-wire artist Freddy Nock is balancing on a high-wire bike for the first time, setting two new records at once.

Erlenbach, September 7, 2015. The Swiss high-wire artist and extreme athlete Freddy Nock, with the help of the 125-year-old Chilbi in Erlenbach, balanced his bike on a tightrope to two new GUINNESS records.

Here, Freddy Nock crossed a 485 m long track on the rope for the first time with a bicycle. An additional difficulty was that the route went steadily uphill from the church tower to Erlenbach station.

With a bright blue sky, late summer weather and a bulging Chilbi, Freddy Nock set the following GUINNESS records:

Record 1:
Longest run on a tightrope by bike over 485 m

Record 2:
Steepest run on a tightrope on a bike with an average gradient of 3.7%

About 10 minutes after 7 pm, Freddy started from the church tower window of the Erlenbacher church at about 20 m height and balanced above the roofs and over the event area of ​​the Erlenbacher Chilbi (funfair) up to the train station to a specially erected crane in about 30 m Height. All in all, the record run took about 15 minutes.

Freddy Noch said afterwards to his record run:

    „Since 2011, I have been training for these records by bike and working on this special race. This race today was a special challenge for me. It’s not so easy to balance myself with a 20kg bike, I’ve always looked at the people below me, but I had trained enough. I was sure I could do it.
A big thank you goes to the many helpers here from the region, without which that would not have been possible and to the community Erlenbach for the organization of this great „Chilbi“ with this wonderful Tightrope event. „


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