Another world record title for the Swiss high wire artist and extreme sportsman Freddy Nock

    St. Moritz, 20.03.2015. The well-known high-wire artist Freddy Nock did incredible things today. At dizzying heights and in glorious weather, he balanced between two mountain peaks in the middle of a breathtaking glacier world in the Upper Engadine. Without securing Freddy Nock crossed the 347 m long rope that had just a diameter of 18 mm. Freddy Nock needed 39 minutes for this distance, the slope was more than 14%.

    The start at 3532 m altitude was only accessible by helicopter. The finish after the 347 m distance was at an altitude of 3582 m. Freddy Nock had to overcome 50 m difference in height on the rope.

    This successfully completed race at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters secured the 50-year-old another GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. Following the race, the new record of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record judge Eva Norroy was officially confirmed again.
    » Here is the official press release from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

    Today, Freddy Nock also has the record of the world’s highest rope run.

    Over the past few weeks, Freddy Nock has been intensively preparing for his most risky run so far with daily training in his home town of Uerkheim and in St. Moritz on the grounds of the Hotel Waldhaus am See. The experienced high wire artist also rehearsed possible dangerous situations that could have occurred during his run.

    Here is another video from the German media, include N24:

    Second record attempt canceled for security reasons

    Originally, Freddy had set a second record. He wanted to set up the longest rope run with a completely opaque helmet, so completely blind. For safety reasons, Freddy abandoned this attempt and focused on achieving the first record.

    Why did not Freddy Nock feel safe enough for the blind run?

         „I’ve had so many rope-tension problems because we had bad weather for four days.“

    Already in the preparation week, 4 days were lost in building the bracing. As a result, Freddy did not feel 100% comfortable on the rope. There were too many variations and sometimes a twist in the rope, which then led him to stop carrying out the riskier variant of the run.

    Nevertheless, he has reached one of the two records and set a new brand with this height, which will not be so easy to beat.
    Pictures: Alexander Pfiffner,, exklusiv for Freddy Nock GmbH and GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS


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