Freddy Nock won in China yesterday the international Tightrope Championships in the final against three strong Chinese high wire artists.

From May 29 to 31, 2015, the official high-wire world championships took place for the first time in the southern Chinese province of Hunan on Jiubujiang Staussee, in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape. Host was the Hunan Providence in association with Hunan TV, who broadcast the World Cup live on the Internet.

The final day – four rope runners fight for the title

After Freddy had already secured his ticket for the finale on Friday with his run over the 800 long distance, there were three very strong Chinese high wire artists on the final day next to Freddy and fought with Freddy Nock for the title.

Yesterday, on the final day, the runners had to balance the 800-meter track backwards and blindfolded. Also sought here was the fastest rope runner. This was the starting grid of the 4 finalists:
1. Shater (China)
2. Yakebujiang (China)
3. Freddy Nock (Switzerland)
4. Saimaiti (China)

First, the Chinese Shater started. At 32 ° C, the Chinese ran the course with minor problems, especially at the end of the climb in a total time of 14:28 min. No one really knew what that time would be worth in the end.

Second went to the strong Chinese Yakebujiang at the start. On Friday he had fallen on the first run and fallen into the water, but could still secure the second day the final ticket. He was much faster on the road and so his time at the finish was only 11:51 min. This was a first announcement in the fight for the title, which did not leave Freddy Nock cold either.

Now it was time. Freddy Nock was the third runner at the start. Would he be able to beat the best time again? Highly concentrated Freddy went to the start. Three – two – one – and go. Freddy puts on a super fast first section, at 200 m he was clearly ahead. Even at the middle at 400 m, the lead was just under 50 seconds. Everything looked very good. But then …

… The slope begins in the direction of the destination, the route becomes heavier and heavier. Suddenly Freddy stumbles on one of the guy’s braces, which are slightly raised above the rope. He gets shaky, but can catch himself again. A first moment of shock. Then Freddy suddenly stops, he kneels, lingers and gets up again. About 200 m before the finish Freddy suddenly gets problems with the muscles in the legs.

He is now much slower and has to balance with his balancers again and again. The run gets more restless. And again Freddy Nock stops and crouches to relieve his leg muscles. The protrusion that emerged at the beginning melts away more and more. What can the old master still get out of himself?

The goal is approaching and time is running down mercilessly. The last meters and …? It is a new best time, after 11:40 min, so only 11 sec faster than Yakebujiang Freddy finally reaches the finish. It’s currently # 1 and would mean the title.

Now, the well-known Chinese rope runner Saimaiti is the last in line. Freddy knows Saimaiti from the year 2009, at that time the two ran against each other in a competition in China. At that time Freddy Nock won. Would that be the same again today?

Saimaiti runs a very even race, the intermediate times are just above the best time on average. He is still slightly affected by the first day of competition. But he bites his teeth and runs very controlled towards the goal. His total time was 12:01 min.

So it was clear that Freddy Nock is the winner and brings us the World Cup title to Switzerland. Congratulations to Freddy Nock for his outstanding performance. Freddy was able to win against the young Chinese (under 30) in the final with his 50 years, but still top fit.

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